Tyger (stormteller) wrote in mythmakers,

Mythical Creature: Dark Wolf

Though not as ubiquitous or cruelly destructive as werewolves, dark wolves are in many places more dreaded. Werewolves have been known to be identified by certain signs and hunted down, but while ransoms for the skins of dark wolves stand in some countries, there is no record of someone having turned one in.

Slightly larger than their natural cousins, the gray wolves, dark wolves have black fur and icy blue eyes, which are often described by survivors as being human in appearance.
Although their behavior differs little from that of gray wolves, and they tend like their cousins to avoid humans, they are feared because of their single magical property: they cannot be killed at night or in complete darkness, by any known method, force or power. No matter what danger is brought down on them, they will emerge from any situation unscathed. Once the sun has risen, however, this protection dissipates.

Dark wolves are brazen hunters at night, attacking any vulnerable animal in their territory, being naturally unafraid of harm. However, there are no reports of dark wolves having ever attacked human settlements. It has been theorized that they fear the light produced by human contrivances such as lanterns and torches, though these devices are not believed to strip them of their invulnerability. During the day, however, dark wolves remain well-hidden in their dens, and are almost never seen.

This creature is a class D threat.
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