Tyger (stormteller) wrote in mythmakers,


Well, I feel the need to make an introductory post here, presumably for the sake of newcomers who are unsure of what this community is here for. It's not terribly complicated, though: the idea is to create, discuss, evaluate and reinvent myths and mythological components. If that sounds hopelessly broad and confusing, that's 'cause it is. But the basic idea is that this is a narrower version of a world-building community, where the focus is on fables, magical creatures, legendary events, and other things that make up the less reality-based portion of an original culture or world (although these myths could be real within their own worlds. It doesn't really matter for our purposes). I'll put some examples here in short order, but keep in mind there's no specific rules to content or style. I have my own way of writing these things, and I hope lots of people will show up who have different ones, so we can all inspire each other.

I'm probably being too meaninglessly longwinded here for my own good. Hopefully a few example posts will get my point across.
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