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Mythical Creature: the Unseen

(not terribly original, but interesting nonetheless)
Alternate names: the Hidden, the Blind, the Unseeing, the Eyeless, the Seeking Dead, the Invisible Ones
Overview: A class of undead, the Unseen are, as their various names imply, invisible. They are also blind, but can sense the presence and location of life. Interestingly, they are invisible only when within the line of sight of a living creature. During this time, they are also insubstantial, able to move about but unable to interact with other physical objects. When outside of view, they become visible, technically, meaning they can be captured on film, if not seen by an actual person. In addition, their presence can be determined by some creatures, most notably cats and ravens, though they become invisible within sight of these animals as with any others.
Behavior: It is only while visible that the Unseen can attack. Preferably, they will attempt to inhibit their prey's sight, and ultimately remove their eyes. By doing so, the victim will eventually become one of them. If this is not possible, they will simply kill or injure the prey from behind. While visible and insubstantial, the Unseen are also vulnerable to attack, and can be injured or killed. Anything less than decapitation or bifurcation will not be fatal, but injuries sustained do not heal.
Appearance: the dead Unseen appear to be simply human corpses, blue and bloated as though drowned, completely without hair or clothing, and having no eyes. Unseen that have been killed will soon be reclaimed by their fellows, to not be seen again. The reason for this is unknown.

This creature is a class B threat.
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